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Maxindo Jaya Instagram And Facebook

Maxindo Jaya Instagram And Facebook

Dear Customers and browsers, 

We also have Facebook account and Instagram Account which will help you get closer to us by following our feeds in FB and IG. It also helps you share your opinion and expirience with our products to us and other people.  

Go Follow : https://www.facebook.com/maxindojayabandung/ and @maxindojaya 

Reach Us At Our New Numbers

Reach Us At Our New Numbers

Dear Customers,  due to the esia closure,  Please reach us at our new phone numbers :   (022) 727 1235, 0811 200 0792, 0878 2302 2587, 0859 7505 0262, 0812 2445 2290       Best Regards,    Maxindo Jaya | Your Trusted Partner
New Year Eve's In Mercure
31 December 2015
New Year Eve's In Mercure

As one of our loyal customers, Mercure Bandung asked if we want to help them host their New Year's eve Party, and so ofcourse we say Yes!

So we send couples of our team helping them hosting, promoting our products, also giving product knowledge to the visitors and ofcourse having a lot of fun spending the New Year's eve with the Mercure team and all visitors in the last night of December and 2015.

Feeling grateful to the one and only God who trusts us with customers we have these days, for the strength, creativity and great team whose with us overcoming challenges and achieving targets and goals in 2015. Feeling great  to be trusts by our customers as their Food, Beverage, and Equipment distribution partner, also feeling good that we could help our customers accomplish their goals in 2015. 

It's been a great run at 2015, and looking forward and getting ready for a better run in 2016, some of our 2016 New Year's resolutions that we can share it to the publics are, we want to be more creative, better in every shape and way, stronger together as a team, bigger responsibility (that means trusted by more customers) as our new ads motto says, "your trusted partner", so that our customers could enjoy the satisfication of our services and products.

Well, Let's have a run, Happy New Year 2016! and Enjoy the Year! 

West Java Coffee Festival
20-22 November 2015
West Java Coffee Festival

West Java Coffee Festival is a way of West Java Government to promote West Java's finest coffee to Indonesia, Coffee Business owner, and the World. As part of West Java and Indonesia we ofcourse support the event in anyway we can. Not just opening a booth and brewing west java's finest coffee bean for the West Java Coffee Festival visitors, but also provide two of our best espresso machine, Conti X one, and two  of our best coffee grinders from Anfim for the Golden Cup Competition, Barista Competition, Latte Art Throwdown, Art Bar, and also our manual Brew tools for the Manual Brew Competition, so Baristas from all over Bandung and West Java could expirience the world class comptetition by using world class and finest coffee grinders and espresso machines. 


We didn't stop just there, our CME (Chief Marketing Officer) Mrs. Lucy Purwosuwito invite 4 of her professional Barista friend, to Jury in the West Java Coffee Festival's competitions.


Our team also provide the finest West Java Coffee brewed with the Conti X one, grinded with Anfim grinder,  in our booth so that every visitors could taste and expirience the finest West Java Coffee at it best. We also offer to visitors if they want their cafe latte, latte macchiato, cappucino, filled with our da vinci flavour syrups or our mixtura powder and liquid so they'll have a different kind of coffee taste expirience they'll never forget with their West Java Coffee. 

Well, you could tell, how good the espresso we brewed by the smile on Mr. Ahmad Heryawan's (West Java Governor) face in the picture, after tasting our first brewed espresso in West Java Coffee festival at it's grand opening. 


To see more of this event photographs, videos, and stories, check it out at our Facebook account, for more info about our products you can kindly visit our facebook page or our instagram. 


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